Single Tooth Replacement

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Here's an explanation of the dental implant procedure: Missing single tooth

Before the Procedure

  • Thorough General & Oral examination
  • X-Rays or Quadrant Denta-Scan (Cone-beam CT)
  • Examination of periodontal health, occlusion

Placing the dental implant

  • Titanium implant of adequate dimensions chosen.
  • Careful and precise placement into the bone (in the space of missing tooth).
  • Correct placement is critical to the success of this procedure.

Allow healing to take place

With minimum invasive techniques and precision, healing time is minimal. Specialists are pioneers in Tooth-in-less than a-day and Immediate implant loading procedures. No longer you have to wait for six months to have your implants loaded.

Fixing of the crown

A ceramic crown is fabricated matching the colour of your adjacent teeth. This is custom made to fit into the missing tooth space exactly, with a perfect bite.

Final Result

With a dental implant from the specialists, you should expect the new tooth to look, function and last like a natural tooth. Take care of it the same way you would as a natural tooth, with brushing, flossing, and regular checkups, to keep the tooth and the gum tissue around it healthy.