Multiple Teeth Replacement

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Multiple teeth missing

If you are missing a row of teeth, it can be a challenging situation. Traditionally, this has been restored with a removable partial denture that clips onto your remaining teeth. Now, however, you can have this restored to full function with dental implants. If there are only one or two teeth missing, a dental bridge is a possible option.

Before the procedure

This picture shows a common situation where a row of three teeth are missing toward the back of the mouth. A dental bridge will not work in this situation, because there is no tooth toward the rear to anchor to. A removable partial denture could be made, but because of the leverage caused by the very heavy biting forces that occur in this situation, the teeth it would be anchored to would be weakened. This is a great situation for dental implants.

The first step—installing the implants

In one appointment, the implants are placed in the ridge.

Attaching the teeth

In this situation where there is a row of three teeth that is being replaced, the teeth are attached together for ease of insertion. They are made in our laboratory, and are matched to the exact shading of your teeth, and are blended into your bite so that they function effectively and comfortably.

Final Result

When your case is completed, you will feel as if you have your own teeth back. The result is attractive, functional, and comfortable.